New Face, Same Gorge-Worthy Antics

Welcome to Bacon & Squats, formerly known as Play Paleo. Now, if you've been with me from the very beginning, you'll remember I started as Let There Be Bacon. I know, I know, I'm pretty much bipolar with this blog and you're probably asking yourself "wtf is wrong with this chick?" Well...lots of things are wrong with me (including, but not limited to my unnatural obsession with every single show that airs on Bravo), but I hesitate to claim my tendency to adjust and adapt as a fault. Allow me to elaborate...

Let's jump back to 2013 when my paleo journey began. I started Ehemm...therein lies the issue. Dot net...are you kidding me?! What are we, pilgrims?! I haven't visisted a ".net" website since 'Nam. Long story short...if the ".com" domain were available, Let There Be Bacon would still be alive today. Unfortunately, to my utter dismay, I don't get everything I due to the laws of search engine optimization and the simple quest for relevancy, that had to go. 

Next up was Play Paleo. To keep this post from turning into a novel - because I could talk about this all day - I'll go ahead and cut through the old crap cake. Play Paleo was perfect for me in alignment with the uber strict paleo lifestyle I lived and breathed. I've harnessed a HUGE respect for the fundamentals of paleo and its principals still guide my plate for the most part. Quality proteins and veggies typically dominate my plate and the inclusion of healthy fats make for a well-balanced diet. HOWEVER...over the past six months or so, I've been reintroducing foods that the paleo police would lock my ass up for (read: rice, quinoa, hummus, peanut butter, etc. etc.). I find myself much happier and my body responding much better to the freedom that the larger "clean eating" umbrella offers. 

Simply put, I felt phony keeping the "Play Paleo" persona. While many of my upcoming recipes will still be 100% paleo compliant, many of them won't be. Rather than assigning myself a dietary label, I'm going to just stick with what makes me feel great...such as bacon and squats. Cue: Bacon & Squats! What I like most about this new situation is its constancy. I definitely foresee myself continuing to explore the various chapters of nutrition and fitness, so it makes no sense for me to narrow the scope of my blog. However, I am damn sure that my love for bacon and squats will never change. I love them separately, and I love them together (yes, read that right). On the bacon front, I will continue to uphold the proven theory that EVERYTHING tastes better with bacon and it will forever be a key ingredient in many of my recipes. On the squatting front, I plan to infiltrate this site with more fitness and lifestyle related posts, as requested by many of you. I hope you stick around, because I've got a helluva lot more crazy for you.

Peace, love and bacon.