Slow Cooker Spare Ribs [Guest Post on Personally Paleo]

I hope you all caught the AWESOME Tangy Coleslaw recipe that Katie from Personally Paleo contributed to my blog as a 4th of July post...if not - go snag it and make it IMMEDIATELY because it rocks. The ingredients are so simple, yet the flavor offers dimension and complexity that makes it hard to stop yourself from eating the whole entire bowl. 

Well, the 4th of July posts didn't stop there. Katie was kind enough to feature one of my recipes on her blog. As I somewhat digress on her page...4th of July has been and always will be a meat lovers holiday. Nothing screams "AMERICA" like going to pound town on steak, burgers, wings, brats, pulled pork or RIBS. And though it's now past the 4th, it's never too late to tap back into your patriotic duties and toast America with a pig rib in hand...

Head over to Personally Paleo to get this stupid easy Slow Cooker Spare Rib recipe!