Recipe Roundup: Play Paleo's Best Recipes

In light of almost hitting my 1 year mark within the paleo blogosphere, I think it’s time for a post that reflects my most popular recipes along with my personal favorites. While maybe just the littlest bit self-serving and celebratory (what, you don’t ever celebrate yourself?), I mostly want to do this to help YOU!

Recently, a friend brought to my attention that it’s often hard for blog visitors to know where to start when they want to find a quick recipe. Which I suppose I never really thought about. Sure, my website is laid out in an organized fashion, but for someone new to the whole paleo “thing” – or even for someone who isn’t paleo but just wants to find a delicious and clean recipe – it’s difficult to pinpoint which recipe is right for them. While I’d like to think everything I post is off the chainzzz, it’s unrealistic to expect that anyone who stumbles upon my little site will like everything that’s there. Some people don’t like seafood (I can understand to some extent how one might feel fishy about the scent of texture or whatever of seafood…I’m so punny). Some people don’t like coconut. Some people are egg-free (wtf). Some people don’t even like chocolate (which is ludicrous…these people are not to be trusted). And some people might just come to a website looking to pull the most popular recipe because recipe popularity indicates that the chef did something right, and…well….that the end result won’t taste like dog food. Rather than sorting through a long ass list of recipes with obscure titles (“wtf is a piggy stuffed hog burger?”), it’s just nice to be able to pull a recipe that you know will be good. How do you know it’s going to be good? Because I’m saying so. Right now. In this post. You can trust me – I like chocolate.

Ok enough yammering. What I’ve done here is sorted out Play Paleo’s most popular/viewed recipes along with my personal favorites for each respective category you’ll see on the site tabs. So whether your new to this site or a Play Paleo veteran,  I offer you a good starting point for delicious and easy food that’s guaranteed to make you smile, lick your fingers (because who uses utensils anymore?) and go back for seconds. 


From left to right: Bacon Egg CupsOpen-Faced Sausage Pizza OmeletteSausage & Sweet Potato Breakfast CasseroleSpaghetti Squash Hasbrowns


From left to right: Bacon & Spicy Tuna Avocado BoatsShrimp Scampi