Jalapeño Poppers

Wrapped in bacon. Duh. These primal suckers are perfect for cocktail parties, football nomz...things of that nature. Jalapeños are delightful little flavor bombs that pack a lot of heat. They are great raw when minced up and tossed in guacamole, and are even better when they're baked whole for appetizer purposes such as these poppers. The cream cheese inside the jalapeños is the PERFECT pairing for the hot pepper, offsetting the heat with creamy deliciousness. And then...the bacon. Ok. Done. The perfect trio. Trio. Only three ingredients in this flavorful recipe! Scorreeeee.


  • 10 slices of bacon
  • 10 large, long jalapeños
  • 1 tub of cream cheese


  1. Preheat your oven to 350. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. 
  2. Cut your bacon slices in half and lay them across the cookie sheet. Bake for 8 minutes to partially cook them, then remove from the oven and set aside until it's time to wrap the poppers.
  3. Slice the stems off your jalapeños and then cut them in half so you now have 2 pieces of jalapeño to slice and stuff. 
  4. Next, slice the jalapeño pieces down the center (hot dog style) and scrape out the seeds and center, creating a cavity for the cream cheese.
  5. Stuff desired amount of cream cheese in the middle of each, and close the jalapeños around the cheese.
  6. Wrap the partially cooked bacon halves tightly around each jalapeño. Place the wrapped poppers on the cookie sheet and bake for 25-30 minutes, or until the bacon is fully cooked and slightly crispy.
  7. Serve!

Servings: 20 poppers