GIVE AWAY: Brittany Angell's Every Last Crumb


Enter for a chance to win Brittany Angell's new best selling book, Every Last Crumb!

This book is no $&%@ing joke. I mean...every single recipe in here is absolutely mind blowing. It's SO hard to choose what I want to make because I want to make EVERY LAST CRUMB! Hehe...see what I did there? 

Brittany Angell is, in my opinion, the craftiest paleo witch of them all. This book basically gives you back ALL that you used to eat and love pre-paleo. Chicago style deep dish pizza, pretzel buns, meatball subs, cinnamon rolls, hot dog buns, waffle ice cream cones, bagels - ALL allergen free. I mean those items don't even begin to scrape the surface of what she's done.

Having read Brittany's story (which you can read in depth at, I think it's safe to assume she is fully supportive of and practices the consumption of real, whole foods herself. By that I mean veggies, meats, nuts, seeds, avocados, etc. - essentially the "real" foods we associate with the basic paleo template. Paleo baked items such as breads and muffins may not be the priority on the list of foods we choose to incorporate into our diets on a daily basis; however, EVERYONE enjoys an indulgence...or two...or three. Which is where Every Last Crumb comes in. Brittany provides her readers with allergen-free recipes to enjoy without the guilt - allowing them to crave a treat...make said said treat... and enjoy said treat without the shame of devouring every last crumb. A mainstream problem in today's society is a skewed relationship with food. When one enjoys an indulgence, guilt is often the immediate feeling that follows. This. Is. Wrong. Creating a harmonious and positive relationship with the food we eat is critical - not only for our physical health, but for our mental health. You should eat because you love your body. Not because you hate it.

With that, I'd like to thank Brittany Angell to the moon and back for aiding her readers with their positive food relationship. While we continue to make nutrient-dense food choices, we can now also make nutrient-dense indulgence choices for just about ANY indulgence you crave. I mean...this chick has a recipe for Chicken Nugget Stuffed Grilled Cheese. LIKE WHAT?!?! GYPSY MAGIC I TELL YOU! Basically, this book is amazing.

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