Bacon Egg Cups

A comment I get A LOT about paleo is how people don't feel they have enough time to prepare every single meal they eat. A lot of working joe shmoe's don't have the time to loiter around their kitchen in their half open robe and hum along to the morning radio while they wait for their bacon to sizzle to then craft a perfectly seasoned omelette...I'm painting what sounds to me like an ideal Saturday morning.  More often than not, I'm betting 90% of people that cop the "I don't have time for breakfast" excuse just grab a "healthy" protein bar (that is probably laced with garbage) or low fat yogurt on their way out the door. ICK.

All eye rolling and judgment aside, I certainly understand the position of needing breakfast to be timely. We can't all live our lives to the soundtrack of James Taylor...feel me? No. My morning is often a cluster f**k of me sleeping in til the very last minute, getting dressed in the dark (leading to some questionable office outfits), slabbing on some foundation and mascara (but sometimes not), grabbing food from the fridge and running out the door...more often than not I've already spilled coffee down the front of my shirt by the time I get to my car in the driveway. 

Admittedly, if I get up early enough, I do enjoy taking my time to make a breakfast scramble or whatever...but I still am always armed with quick grab-and-go options for those mornings where I AM dressing myself in the dark and running out the door with coffee splashing all over myself (usually on the days I elect to wear silk...FML). See where I'm getting at with this recipe? While it IS true that the paleo lifestyle works best when you have the time to prepare your own clean, real food meals, that doesn't necessarily mean they have to be long, laborious endeavors. One word: LEFTOVERS. Yes, it still entails actually making the dish, but if you just spend the time to make that one dish (and make copious amounts of it), you are set for the week with just the touch of a microwave button. 

These eggs cups are just as easy as grabbing a bullshit Cliff bar from your pantry...and they are oh so good. With this post, I'd like to officially put the kibosh on the notion of "I don't have time to eat well". Make a dozen of these on a Sunday...or whenever you have 10 minutes to spare... and you're GOLDEN for the next few days. Now as you rush out your door, you can flip the bird to your beloved protein bars as you crush these bacony, yolky, AWESOMESAUCE breakfast cups that await you in your fridge. NOMZ!


  • 1 medium sweet potato
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • 12 strips of bacon
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat your oven to 375 and grease your muffin tin (I use olive oil or coconut oil spray).
  2. Slice your sweet potato into 12 disks and place each disk at the bottom of each well in the muffin tin.
  3. Take a strip of bacon and wrap it around the edge of the muffin tin. Repeat with remaining 11 strips. The bacon should enclose the whole outer perimeter. 
  4. Crack each egg directly into the muffin tin, inside the bacon. Sprinkle salt and pepper atop each egg.
  5. Place tray in the oven for 25 minutes. Leave in longer if you want a harder yolk.

Servings: 12 egg cups