What's in My Paleo Pantry

Something that was helpful for me when I started making the paleo/primal transition was to actually see what a pro paleo kitchen looked like - from the fridge and the freezer to the pantry and the spice rack. Knowing what a fully loaded paleo/primal kitchen might consist of can be really helpful in determining your grocery list - especially if you are new to the clean eating scene and don't really know where to start. This list may also be helpful in simply reminding of you ingredients/food items that you may not have considered!

It is rare for me to have ALL of these items in the kitchen simultaneously (I'm on a budget, remember?); but for me, these are all staples that constantly rotate throughout my humble kitchen.

** Obviously you will find a plethora of options under each of these categories at your grocer. By no means does this list represent any restrictions from certain fruit, veggies, protein, etc...this just shows what my personal favorites and "staples" are and is simply intended to give you ideas!