A few of my favorite things...

These items are absolute staples in my kitchen. I use many of them on a daily basis, and almost all of them weekly. Making a nutritious and delicious meal with minimal time and effort is important to me...because who the fu** wants to spend hours on end in the kitchen? Nah. You don't have to be Julia freaking Childs to make something tasty! These tools and gadgets make my kitchen life easy and efficient!

Instant pot

This thing is a FORCE in the kitchen. I use it every single week for meal prep. Don't have time to wait 8 hours for a slow cooked meal? No problem...this pressure cooker will cook your meal in under 30 minutes. Hot, shredded buffalo chicken in 15? Done.


Clearly I love Ninja products. This is no exception. I use this every week to easily chop veggies, mix up up chicken salad (no need to finely chop anything, it'll do it for ya), make burger patties, sauces, etc. It's perfect when you just have one or two mouths to feed! It even comes with a dough "blade" for all you bakers out there. Lastly, it's single serve smoothie attachment is super practical!

Ninja coffee bar

Ok this might seem like an extreme inclusion if you are content with your standard coffee pot, but holy shit, this Single Serve Coffee Bar is possibly my favorite thing in my kitchen. It makes the most amazing coffee, is so versatile and basically does it all. Pretty sure it'll also babysit your kids, vacuum your rug and tuck you into bed at night. Given everything it does, it's outstanding that it's less than $100. Ditch your nasty ass Keurig coffee and make your caffeinated dreams come true. Ninja, you slay me!


Cousin to the Instant Pot, every kitchen should be stocked with a reliable slow cooker. Nothing quite beats coming home to the smell of a hot meal that's basically been cooking itself all day. It's the ultimate lazy chef tool. I've used many slow cookers and this one is far and away my favorite!

immersion blender

I use this for a lot of things, but it sees the most action with homemade mayonnaise. You know how when you make mayo with a standrad blender your arm wants to fall off from holding that damn "super thin" stream for ever? No more! This tool makes mayonnaise in literally 30 seconds and removes the hassle. It's fool proof! Also great for pureeing soups directly in the pot.

knife set

A solid set of knives should have a home in any cook's kitchen...and I use the term "cook" loosely. From college dorm room savage to self-proclaimed Michelin star-worthy chef, no one can make it very far without a good variety of knives. This is the set I have in my humble kitchen - it looks sleek on the counter top, is high quality, and the price is RIGHT!

Refurbished vitamix

I am obsessed with my Vitamix...as most people are. However, the $500+ varieties just weren't in the cards for me, so I went with a refurbished one. Still comes with great warranty, and arrived in perfect condition. You'd never know the difference and it's significantly less expensive than the full-priced model.

nut milk bag

Making your own dairy free milk is a breeze with this little nut milk bag. Yes...I said nut milk. Try my homemade almond milk avoid all the junk and additives that comes with the store bought varieties!

toaster oven

Who the hell gets a regular pop up toaster these days? Nah bruh. Get on the toaster oven train and change your life.