About Finley

As a Chicago native, I will always value the abrasive, nasally-accented and fast-paced nature of the Midwest. That said...I have settled in the South because I just can't seem to get enough of the easy-going southern way of life...well that and also because Bojangles doesn't exist in Chicago. I may practice clean eating, but every now and then a girl's gotta stuff her face with a buttery biscuit.

I'm a food enthusiast, plain and simple. And a bacon enthusiast. I mean put that shi* on everything. Brushing my teeth with bacon grease aside, I strive to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, which I find most achievable through a lifestyle fueled by  clean, real, whole foods. To sum it up....I pretty much go to bed thinking about breakfast and wake up thinking about dinner. 

I've been all over the dieting spectrum, from hardcore paleo, to super high fat/low carb (keto), to tracking macros and beyond - not because I have some version of dietary A.D.D., but because I loved experimenting with nutrition. After years of said experimentation, I finally struck a balance and identified what works best for me. Our bodies are fascinating machines, and no one person is the same. I mention this simply because all too often I find myself eye rolling HARD at the social media trolls who shame people for posting something "that's not paleo", or have anxiety attacks when they see someone eating a burger WITH THE BUN. My overall fascination with nutrition and the variations of "eating clean" encouraged me legitimize my knowledge in the area of health and wellness and pursue a certification. I am currently a Certified Sports Nutritionist, which - in addition to aiding my ability to craft healthfully delicious recipes for you - enables me to help people reach their goals and feel their best!

When I'm not working my 9-5 job, I'm either recipe testing in the kitchen, working with nutrition clients to help them slay their health goals, or coaching at the greatest interval-driven strength and endurance gym on earth (it's the place that fostered my totally sadistic love affair with moving heavy shit and sweating buckets in a swift 30ish minutes).

Another passion of mine? Intellectually stimulating television. As in anything that airs on Bravo or starts with the words "Real Housewives." What can I say, I'm a scholar.

If you've made it to then end of this self-centered rant, I'm grateful for your visit and hope you can find something to feast on in the blog archives. Comments are always welcome! I'll keep ya posted.

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